Procedures and Services

Citizen Folder

How to create my "Citizen Folder" ?

You can create your Citizen folder, automatically, when you perform an administrative procedure in the Electronic Office, using certified mail, or when you start it in person and requests to communicate and report the status of the process, electronically.

What services does your "Citizen Folder"?

  • Knowing the state of your Procedures:
    1. Tasks: Meet records in which currently has pending further operation, as well as access various functionalities relating to the same.
    2. Searcher: Locate using a search filter any file you made with the administration.
    3. Documents: View Documents dossiers.
    4. Messages: Shows messages that this entity sends to inform citizens of the state of the dossier.

What needs to access?

  • To access your "Citizen Folder" you must have a valid Electronic Certificate. Currently can be accessed through any of the ones listed below:
    1. FNMT (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre)
    2. DNI Electrónico