Politics of Accessibility In the construction of the present Portal a series of measures have been adopted by the aim to improve his accessibility. This carries a series of advantages as: Facilitate the access of the users independently of his physical condition or of his environment. Allow the access with different agents of user. Include clear structured well contents. Improve the navigation and the experience of the user. Between others the following measures have been adopted: Use of CSS for the presentation of the information. Alternative text in the images. The links offer details of the function or destination of the hyperlink. Use the standards of the W3C. I access by means of short-cuts keyboard to the principal options. Fulfillment of the standards The pages of this web site fulfill the brand AA according to the Norm IT JOINS 139803:2004 and the Directives of Accessibility for the Web Content 1.0 of the W3C. All the requirements of Priority 1 and Priority 2 have been verified by a manual analysis of the accessibility across different semiautomatic tools, agents of user and technical helps.